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Persuasive Writing and Argument

ISBN: 9780955831515

Price: £9.99

Learning how to write to persuade and argue is an essential writing skill needed to write articles and letters - required by the National Curriculum. Young writers will be taught to develop their points of view, in order to convince their target audience

to ‘believe’ in something - whether it is an exotic holiday destination or signing a petition. What’s more, they will be taught how to make a point and provide evidence and comments to support their argument. They will learn to write a balanced argument, build up a counter argument and knock it down. They will be shown how to use literary techniques in their writing. More than this, the book contains a lively collection of writings for older children and teenagers: discursive topics on topical issues, poems and a play script, inspired by the work of children - their purpose - to provide starting points to help your child write.

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