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EXCITING RANGE OF ‘BOOSTER’ BOOKS that build on skills taught in the classroom and boost grades

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Mission Books 1-4

Price: £9.99

With ‘Mission Spelling’ children learn to spell using a

phonic approach, with the help of a lovable, little alien,

Zoggy, who has come all the way from planet Zen.

Follow the adventures of Zoggy as he explores planet

Earth... but he has another surprise in store; he is a

spelling genius. Let him guide your children through a

structured course which contains a treasury of spelling

activities. Including: words to sound out; words to build

up; phonic rhymes to read, cover and write from

memory; spelling lists to practise; and rules to learn


A “must have” series, that supports the National

Curriculum. It is essential for all children from age 7-11

and older students who struggle with spelling. Have fun

learning to spell.

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