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EXCITING RANGE OF ‘BOOSTER’ BOOKS that build on skills taught in the classroom and boost grades

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Guinea Pig Education is an educational publisher of books, resources, textbooks and revision guides for use at primary and secondary levels. We offer a NEW, fresh and exciting approach to learning, which parents, teachers and even kids trust and which has proved highly successful over the years.

Guinea Pig Education has a range of books that will help your child learn vital English and maths skills at key stages 1 – 4 and for those preparing for 11+ entrance exams to Grammar School.

Guinea Pig books offer tuition - by an experienced tutor – in a book! Your child can benefit from all the help, guidance and support of a tutor by their side (but without the large costs associated with private tuition lessons.)

We guarantee that Guinea Pig books will boost your child’s grades and his or her confidence. Our unique titles have already helped thousands of children to achieve excellence. They are written for the specific needs of children and provide tuition in those areas of the National Curriculum that they struggle with most. Your child will soon be achieving his or her targets.

Please browse through our range of titles, to find out more about how Guinea Pig books can help your child to gain rapid results.

We can help with WRITING SKILLS

Our best selling range of literacy books and English resources get kids learning those vital writing skills. Following the National Curriculum, our work books challenge your child to write imaginative stories, to write to persuade, to advise, to inform, to explain, to describe and to review. Your child will learn the important skills needed to write stories,letters, reports, biographies, leaflets and newspaper articles. Click here to find out how your child can learn to enjoy writing and improve their school grades at the same time.


Improve your English and have fun with our lively range of grammar books for KS2 and 3. It is an ideal book that teaches all kids basic skills in English. It is a ‘must have’ if your child’s work is let down by poor spelling, punctuation and grammar. It contains everything your child needs to know to establish good habits in punctuation, spelling and grammar.

We can help with READING

A FAST TRACK solution to reading. Teach your child to read with phonics in only 8 books, in as little as 6 months. Children love reading about the humorous adventures of Sam and his friends, colouring in the cartoon pictures and searching for the hidden phonic sounds in the stories.. Learning to read with Guinea Pig has never been so easy or so much fun.

We can help with MATH SKILLS

We guarantee that our maths work books are the coolest books on the market and what’s more they cover all those important maths basics – computation skills plus, minus, times, divide, practice of tables, multiples, fractions, decimals, percentages, averages, area, ratios, weights and measures. Our maths books pick out those areas of the National Curriculum that kids struggle with most.

Writing Skills Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling Maths Skills Reading


Need extra help to teach your child writing skills in English? At Guinea Pig Education we have the answer; our distance learning course teaches creative writing at a small cost. Why pay out for extra tuition? These booster books are written by a teacher. They can improve your child’s writing skills and help them gain the highest grades.

11+ Writing

Written by an experienced teacher and tutor.


Private tuition in a book

Help children achieve excellence.

Fully based on the National Curriculum

Great value for money.

Titles suitable for:

key stage 1

key stage 2

key stage 3

key stage 4

and children taking 11+ exams

Great practice where English is a second language

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