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Guinea Pig Education | Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions | Web Design by Blue Room IT

EXCITING RANGE OF ‘BOOSTER’ BOOKS that build on skills taught in the classroom and boost grades

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Distance Learning

Need extra help to teach your child writing skills in English? At Guinea Pig Education we have the answer; our distance learning course teaches creative writing at a small cost.

If your child is aiming at level 4 or 5 in KS2 or KS3 SATS or preparing for 11+ examinations, they will benefit from some extra help in writing English. More than this, Creative Writing Tutor booklets are aimed at all children between 9 and13 years and can be used as booster books at home or in school, to supplement work done in the classroom.

Why pay out for extra tuition? These booster books are written by a teacher. They can improve your child’s writing skills and help them gain the highest grades.

Each Creative Writing Tutor booklet has a different creative writing theme to stimulate your child’s imagination and inspire them to write. They contain stories to read (model answers), starting points for writing, useful tips on organising and structuring their work into paragraphs and most important of all, how to use better vocabulary. Start collecting the titles now,  each book only costs £5.99

The Cup Cake

ISBN: 9781907733024

Price: £3.00

The Present

ISBN: 9781907733017         

Price: £3.00

The Accident Report

ISBN: 9781907733031

Price: £3.00

Dinosaur Discovery

ISBN: 9781907733062

Price: £3.00

The New Head Teacher

ISBN: 9781907733055

Price: £3.00

The Space Age Bag

ISBN: 9781907733048

Price: £3.00

The Computer Game

ISBN: 9781907733093

Price: £3.00

At The Stroke of Midnight

ISBN: 9781907733086

Price: £3.00


ISBN: 9781907733079

Price: £3.00

The Art Gallery

ISBN: 9781907733109

Price: £3.00

Dolphins Day Out

ISBN: 9781907733123

Price: £3.00

Looking At People’s Lives

ISBN: 9781907733116

Price: £3.00

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