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EXCITING RANGE OF ‘BOOSTER’ BOOKS that build on skills taught in the classroom and boost grades

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“ Thorough and
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An invaluable teaching book.What's great about this book and really makes it stand out from other books on the market is that it specifically concentrates on story writing in detail as opposed to trying to superficially cover all areas of National Curriculum English. It is therefore, a thorough and detailed guide. It gives the child a real knowledge of how to go about writing a story, step by step. This is done in a clear, concise and fun way, which children really understand. My child is now confident writing stories and even her teacher has remarked on the improvement in her writing. By a customer

A must have book for anyone struggling with a reluctant writer. An absolutely brilliant series of books, what a find! A real wealth of information - everything a child needs to know about creative and story writing. What's more this book is very well set out, clear and easy to understand. My son (11) really enjoyed reading the stories and amazingly for him, this book has actually inspired him to start writing - where every other book failed. I have bought just about every book on the market for Key Stage 2 English and was genuinely extremely impressed with this one. It teaches children the skills needed for writing excellent stories; including planning a story, structuring a story with a beginning, middle and end, building up characters and settings, ideas for making a story more interesting i.e. using different sentence types and vocabulary, tips on spelling, punctuation and grammar and much more. There are many ideas for story writing and inspiration to get a child started with writing. I especially liked the model answers. I found it worked well when my child read the model stories through a few times and then went away and wrote his own. Thanks to this book, my son is well on the way to gaining a level 5 in his KS2 English SATS. The other two books in the series, `Learning Persuasive Writing and Argument' and `Information Writing' are also top class and I would thoroughly recommend them too! A really useful book. A very clear and understandable manual to story writing! I would definitely recommend this whole series of 'Teach Your Child Good English' books. My children have benefited from them no end! By a customer

Really Useful. The book has lots of simple exercises to help make improve punctuation and grammar. It is useful for primary school children. I have found it very helpful. The book was sent within 48 hours and arrived in good condition. By a customer

What a wonderful book! Improve Your English includes everything a child and even an adult needs to know about English grammar. The first half of the 140+ pages teach vital skills, such as, using capital letters, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, prepositions, direct and indirect speech, colons and semi colons, commas and apostrophes, making sentences more interesting by using sub clauses, connectives, complex and compound sentences, explaining homophones, metaphors and similes and much more.

I have never before come across such a comprehensive book on English grammar. Improve Your English presents grammatical concepts in a way that is very easy to understand. The second half of the book has exercises to test what has been learnt. The answers are even at the back.

I fully recommend this book to any parent whose child's written work is let down by spelling, punctuation and grammatical mistakes. With a book like this on the market there is no excuse for a child to lose marks in exams from use of bad English. By a customer

Finally a scheme that actually works! I first read a review about how wonderful this reading scheme was in the newspaper, so I had high expectations. However, now I have seen the results for myself I am certainly not disappointed. This is an absolute must for any parent who wants to teach their child to read fast. Instead of the nonsense rhymes and phrases kids are subjected to in other schemes, these books are written with proper stories, based around the adventures of a very believable boy called Sam and his friends. The stories are truly heart warming, humorous and really come alive. Most importantly, as my child read the stories over and over again, sounding out the phonic words, his reading came on leaps and bounds. This scheme is easily understandable, clearly set out in bold font. The black and white line drawings are wonderful and great for kids who like to colour in pictures. By a customer

Amazing value for money. I can’t believe what fabulous value for money this scheme is. You are getting over 100 A4 pages packed full of phonic stories, games and activities enforcing the sounds. Compared to other reading schemes where for the same price you get 20 pages in a small square book – there is just no comparison.  No wonder this scheme actually works. By a customer

Highly recommended. This is an extremely unique scheme that is successfully teaching my daughter to read. She has been struggling to learn to read for a number of years, but seems to finally be making a breakthrough with her reading using these books.  The early books are packed with activities, games and fun phrases and sentences based around ‘Nan’s pets’ - cute characters, such as, Fat Fox, Tag the Dog and Top Cat. From book 2, the scheme takes a storybook format with cut out words and matching pictures. I really like the way that each story chapter is written around a specific phonic sound, such as sh or th – so the child learns the phonic words without even knowing it. This scheme has meant my daughter sees reading as a fun activity and not a boring chore. By a customer

A Really Unique Book. If getting your child to work through a maths books is a struggle, then I would really recommend ‘Maths Land School’. This is another wonderful book by Guinea Pig Education. Set in ‘Maths Land School’ the fun cartoon character pupils, such as, Daring Donna Decimal, Sam Subtract, Patsy Perfect Percentage and Amit Angle, teach the maths basics in a fun and humorous way.  Including questions, such as, “Doubtful Darren divides 63 delicious doughnuts between his 7 desperate dogs. How many doughnuts can each dog eat?” This book covers many important mathematical concepts required at KS2 and 3, from adding, subtraction, multiplication and division to fractions, decimals, percentages, measurements and angles. As with all Guinea Pig’s titles, this book is great value, with 104 pages packed full of learning and a comprehensive answer booklet at the back. This really is a maths book with a difference. This book succeeds in making maths fun! By a customer

3 Really Useful Books. I have found these books to be a real godsend. They really show parents and children what is required of their writing at KS2 and 3. Each book shows exactly how to write a story, how to write persuasively, for example, writing a discursive essay and how to write informatively, such as, writing letters, reports and reviews. They are extremely inspiring books, giving a wealth of examples, model answers and ideas that children can use to inspire them in their own writing. These books are invaluable resources. They provide the child with a solid foundation in their writing, which will stand them in good stead for GCSE’s and beyond – where the ability to write in these different styles is vital to gain good grades. These books are a must buy I would have thought. By a customer