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EXCITING RANGE OF ‘BOOSTER’ BOOKS that build on skills taught in the classroom and boost grades

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All About Me    ISBN: 9781907733130    Price: £9.99

Step-by-step guide to creative writing. Fully based on the National Curriculum.

Can be used to supplement work done in the classroom by teachers and parents.

Packed with helpful hints and tips. Written by an experienced teacher.

‘Get Going With Creative Writing’ is a new up to date action packed series of five themed study books that encourage children to write.

These books have a lively magazine style format: featuring short stories to read and a variety of non-fiction texts that will impact young readers and provide starting points for writing.

Follow up activities will inspire even the most reluctant writers to write stories, poems, play scripts, diaries, reports, persuasive leaflets, letters and more. More than this, the child will learn writing techniques including: simple, compound and complex sentences – connectives – grammar tips – harder vocabulary and punctuation from our guinea pig guide.

They are aimed at children between the ages of 7-13 and provide excellent writing practice for those children preparing to take 11+ examinations or S.A.Ts. They will also benefit children with special needs, or where English is a second language.

Although the themed books can be used in any order, the subject matter of ‘About Me’ and ‘We Love Animals’ may appeal to younger children, who start working through the series.

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